Mihumis Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2012, fully devoted to innovate and manufacture the highest quality gearboxes and also viewed as one of the fewest factories in Taiwan who can produce own gearboxes. In order to achieve the goal of producing the top-quality products and self-productivity, Mihumis imported machining equipment from both Germany and Japan, and utilized the latest machine tools and metrology equipment in process.

The total area of the Mihumis factory in Taiwan is 661 square meters and it employs about 30 people. In order to expand production capacity and meet market demand, Mihumis decides to set up a Chinese production branch in 2020 with a total factory area of 67,000 square meters, set up an automated production line, and implement a 2-shift system with a total number of about 100 people. It is expected to accelerate the production of gearboxes parts in response to the layout of its global market.

Mihumis is the notion of Life from Bunun Tribe, who is one of the oldest original inhabitants in Taiwan. The spiritual symbol in profound shows the never-surrendered fighting spirits under the uncultivated land. We adapted the word, Mihumis, to be the core value of brand because it possesses does fitting our corporate goal and business vision. Mihumis is a brand built based upon sustainable development and highest standards, we are expecting to join forces with all related Automotive Industry to create a new page of Automotive Industry Chain.!

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Mihumis Technology Servo Gearhead - Main Machining Equipment

Mihumis Technology Servo Gearhead - Main Verification Equipment

Mihumis Technology Servo Gearhead - Autopencil lead demo set

Mihumis Technology Servo Gearhead - Ferris wheel demo set

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